3 MAJOR FUNCTIONS OF FOOD | Body building | Protective foods

3 mojor functions of food

3 MAJOR FUNCTIONS OF FOOD | Body building | Protective foods

Food may be classified according to its functions in the body:

  • Physiological functions
    • 1: Energy-yielding foods (carbohydrates, protein, fat)
    • 2: Bodybuilding foods (proteins)
    • 3:Protective foods( Vitamins & Minerals).
  • Social functions
  • Protective foods

Physiological functions of food:

The physiological functions performed by food are energy-giving(carbohydrates, protein, fat), bodybuilding, protection, and regulation of body processes (Vitamins & Minerals).

Energy yielding Function:

Foods rich in carbohydrates and fats are called energy-yielding foods. The energy needed is supplied by the oxidation of foods consumed. Roots, Cereals and tubers, dried fruits, oils, butter, and ghee are all good sources of energy.

Bodybuilding Function:

Foods rich in protein are called body-building foods. Pulses and nuts are good sources of protein but the protein is not of high-quality milk, meat, eggs, and fish are rich in proteins of high quality. These foods supply energy, help to maintain life, and promote growth.

Protective and Regulatory Function:

Foods rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins are known as protective and regulatory foods. Egg, Milk, liver, fruits, and vegetables are protective foods. These kinds of foods are essential for health and aids in regulating activities such as maintenance of body temperature, muscle contraction, control of water balance, clotting of blood, removal of waste products from the body, and maintaining heartbeat.

Psychological functions of food:

In addition to satisfying physical and social needs, foods also satisfy certain emotional needs of human beings. These
include a sense of security, acceptance & love. For example, the preparation of delicious foods for family members is a token of love and affection.

Social functions of food:

Food has been an expression of love, friendship, and happiness at religious, social, and family get-togethers that’s why it has been the central part of our community, social, cultural, and religious life. There might almost be a proverb that says where two or more people gather together then let there be food and drink.

Rituals and celebrations are usually centered around food. Food is served practically on all get-togethers like marriages, parties, get-togethers, official gatherings, and so forth, as tea, morning meals, feast, supper, and so on.

On this numerous sort of event, food in a roundabout way fills in as an incredible and viable instrument for creating social affinity.


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