BodBot Personal Fitness Coach Apk Download For PC (Windows)

BodBot Personal Fitness Coach

BodBot Personal Fitness Coach Apk Download For PC (Windows)

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BodBot Personal Fitness Coach is an exceedingly beneficial app for all and sundry who desires to get in shape, both at domestic or withinside the gym. Thanks to this app, you may attain your desires greater easily. Give it a try! The first factor you need to do after putting in BodBot picks out your aim and what number of days every week you may paintings out.

From there, the app designs a schooling plan that will help you paintings in the direction of your aim even as additionally taking your timetable and desires into account, in the end putting you up for success. Besides making ready your schooling plan, BodBot additionally enables you to observe via it. The app suggests how plenty of time to spend on every exercise, which muscular tissues you are working on, and the way long to rest. Basically, the app will become your very very own private trainer.


Your Goals, Your Body, Your Plan;

  • Work out anywhere, anytime – at domestic, in the gym, in your garage, or in a hotel.
  • with an aggregate of devices or simply your very own body weight.
  • Get consequences even on a hectic timetable.
  • your exercises are tailor-made to the times and time you’ve got available.
  • Build muscle, advantage strength, grow endurance, enhance cardiovascular health, and shed pounds.
  • anything your place to begin and modern-day ability, we’ll paintings with you to get you wherein you’re going.

Personalized Step-by-Step Guide:

  •  Move and exercise higher with custom-designed health tests focused on mobility, strength, posture, and greater.
  • Ditch cookie-cutter-making plans – BodBot will construct your exercising plan for you and adapt it together along with your feedback.
  • We’ll maintain you heading in the right direction and making development.
  • Gain, keep or shed pounds with an exercising ordinary constructed in your level


Amazing app. It’s the most effective exercising app that does not purpose imbalances/eventual troubles for me. It’s advanced to any exercising app out there. They concentrate in your feedback, so it is really well worth giving them a shout.

BodBot Personal Fitness Coach

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