Dumbbell Workout at Home Apk Download For PC (Windows)

Dumbbell Workout at Home - 30 Day Bodybuilding

Dumbbell Workout at Home – 30 Day Bodybuilding Apk Download For PC (Windows)

Dumbbell Workout at Home – 30 Day Bodybuilding Download For PC (Windows) & Android – Trending Health & Wellness Apps.

With only a pair of dumbbells, speedy construct muscle & energy and get your favored frame form at domestic! We offer 30-day exercise plans for each guy and lady, with three issue levels, best for each novice and pro.

The sporting events are well-organized, and the app suggests what actions to do as you do them. It additionally tells you what number of repetitions to do and the way long to relaxation among sporting events, and it consists of a quick rationalization on a way to do the sporting events with the perfect shape.

Hundreds of sporting events on this app masking all-important muscle businesses, your shoulders, arms, chest, lower back, abs, legs, etc. We organized 2 exercising databases- Dumbbell and Bodyweight. Your education will choose schooling primarily based totally on your goal, health level, etc., and create personalized plans for you. You also can personalize your bodybuilding plans to your personal needs.


☆ Build strong muscular tissues and get shredded
☆ Get massive arms, sturdy biceps & triceps, wider shoulders, pumped chest, ripped six-% abs, and steel-difficult lower back, sturdy legs

30 Day Home Workout is a health app that will help you get in form while not having to trek to the gym. This app consists of heaps of sporting events that you could do at domestic, taking handsiest the time you want to finish every recurring.

30 Day Home Workout is designed that will help you exercise session-specific muscle businesses one at a time in step with the consequences you are looking for. Then, primarily based totally on this, you may have a recurring to do every day of the week that will help you attain your goals.

If you need to get in form at domestic whilst additionally monitoring your progress, 30 Day Home Workout is a notable app for operating out each day at domestic whilst nevertheless seeing splendid progress.


Build muscle & energy, get the precise frame form, Get stunning lean arms, narrow legs, perky breasts, 90° shoulders, nice-searching abs

Weight schooling has been verified to stimulate the manufacturing of anabolic (muscle-constructing) hormones, because of this that exercise sessions with dumbbells can efficiently raise your muscle-constructing process. Move now! Sweat a couple of minutes an afternoon with dumbbell domestic workout routines, you’ll attain notable consequences in a quick time!

With 3-D ANIMATIONS and videos, you could make certain you operate the proper shape. During every exercise, we’re going to come up with TIPS IN REAL TIME that will help you maximize your workout routines and gains.

Use this exercise tracker to song your each-day exercise, burned energy, and weight reduction progress. Sync information with Google Fit. Every day we boom the exercising intensity, so please take a ruin every 3 days so your frame can adjust.

☆ Personal Fitness Coach☆

√ 3-D animation and video steerage similar to your non-public exercise trainer
√ Coach suggestions in each exercising assist you operate the proper shape to get the satisfactory consequences
√ Create your non-public exercise plan
√ Design a personalized plan for you primarily based totally on your goal, gender, health level, recognition area, etc

☆ Effective Dumbbell Workouts☆

√ Effectively lose weight, construct muscle, and benefit energy
√ Dumbbell exercise fits everyone, guys, ladies, novice, pro
√ Exercise effectively at domestic or withinside the gym
√ Target your recognition areas, maximize your exercise consequences
√ Continually upload new workout routines to exercising database
√ Build muscle groups with dumbbell exercise for arms, dumbbell exercise for chest, dumbbell lower back exercise, dumbbell leg exercise, dumbbell shoulder exercise, dumbbell squats, dumbbell deadlift

☆ Useful Features☆

√ Workout reminder allows you are making exercise each day habit
√ Sync information with Google Fit
√ Track your weight reduction progress
√ Track your energy burned, calculate your BMI
√ Change the speed, rounds, 3-D educate man or woman of sporting events
√ Calendar vehicle mobile marks your exercise days
√ Reports certainly file your exercise progress, duration, burned energy

Dumbbell exercise at domestic: Ultimate dumbbell exercise at domestic assist you speedy construct muscle & energy, why now no longer begin your dumbbell exercise at domestic now?

Dumbbell exercise for ladies: Selected dumbbell exercise for ladies to construct energy, If you’re bored with bodyweight workout routines, do this dumbbell exercise for ladies.

Dumbbell exercise for guys: Want shredded abs? Dumbbell exercise for guys will assist you a lot. With dumbbell exercise for guys, you could construct strong muscular tissues and get shredded in no time!

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