Eat A Cucumber Everyday

 Eat A Cucumber Everyday- Cucumber Health Benefits

Eat A Cucumber Everyday- An apple a day keeps the doctor away right. But you know that a cucumber a day can also keep a lot of health problems at bay. Cucumbers belong to the same plant family as squash pumpkin and watermelon.

Cucumber Nutritional Facts:

They are made up of about 95% water. This makes them naturally low in calories fat and cholesterol. A 100 gram serving of cucumber contains only 15. 54 calories. All of these properties make cucumbers very beneficial for your health. So eat a cucumber every day it will have great effects on your health.

Health Benefits Of Eating a Cucumber Everyday:

Its health benefits vary following are some of its health benefits:
Healthier Bones-

Cucumbers are loaded with vitamin K. This is one of the most important nutritional compounds for promoting bone health. Moreover, vitamin K helps keep your bones strong. It does so by building bone density and reducing the risk of fractures.
Better Digestive Health-

Cucumbers are almost 95 percent water. And their skin is made up of insoluble fibers.
This high amount of water and fiber greatly influences your digestive regularity. Thus eating cucumbers helps to suppress acute symptoms of acid reflux insoluble fibers.

Healthier Skin-

Cucumbers contain silica which is known to help develop strong and healthy connective tissues. Again, its high water content helps your skin stay hydrated and in turn, keeps it healthy and bright.
Cooling and Soothing effect-
Cucumbers have a cooling and soothing effect when placed on your skin. This can treat various skin problems like
swelling under the eyes irritation and even sunburn. Gently rub the sunburned area with fresh cucumber slices.
Reduced risk of Heart Disease-
Cucumbers contain dozens of antioxidants including flavonoids. Which can then protect you from heart disease.

Benefits Of Cucumber


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