Fasting Tracker: Diet Loss Apk Download For PC (Windows)

Fasting Tracker: Diet Loss

Fasting Tracker: Diet Loss Apk Download For PC (Windows)

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Track your fasts with the fitness and health app Fasting Tracker. This app is especially beneficial for folks who exercise intermittent fasting, or the exercise of now no longer consuming all through a positive variety of hours to result in autophagy, cast off toxins, and burn extra fat.

With Fasting Tracker you could create your very own intermittent fasting plan. Just input what regions you are inquisitive about improving (consisting of energy, weight, or skin) and the app will generate a custom fasting plan. Alternatively, Fasting Tracker additionally has numerous fasting plans to pick out from, every with exceptional consumption and fasting schedules.

For example, in case you are a person who reveals it smooth to pass breakfast or dinner, this app will assist you to propose your food to create a powerful fasting plan that doesn’t make you sense deprived. On the pinnacle of that, Fasting Tracker gives facts approximately what takes place on your frame while fasting. The fasting timer indicates what segment your frame is in at the same time as fasting, and facts consisting of what acids are launched after a positive variety of hours without food, and what sensations they cause.


  •  Set notifications for fasting √ Smart fasting tracker
  • Fasting timer
  • Science-primarily based totally suggestions and articles approximately fasting
  • No want to depend on energy intake
  • Losing weight has to turn out to be so smooth
  • Sync facts with Google Fit
  • Various intermittent fasting plans
  • For each novice and experienced


I love the truth that it tracks actually each step of your development at the same time as you are fasting, and added that there may be an alternative for the app to inform you to drink water on a timed interval. Both of these capabilities by myself make this app really well worth it, and there are at least a dozen more

Fasting Tracker: Diet Loss Fasting Tracker: Diet Loss Fasting Tracker: Diet Loss

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