Fitness & Bodybuilding Apk Download For PC (Windows)

Fitness & Bodybuilding

Fitness & Bodybuilding Apk Download For PC (Windows)

Download For PC (Windows) & Android – Trending Health & Wellness Apps.


Fitness & Bodybuilding is an outstanding exercising app for moving into higher shape. You can pick out numerous physical games through classes, too, making it clean to pick out whether or not you need to paintings your complete frame or only a positive part of it.

The Fitness & Bodybuilding interface could be very simple, with all of the physical games divided through muscle groups. So you could choose ‘abs’ or ‘biceps,’ for example, after which see a listing of physical games that paintings that frame part.

Once you choose an exercise, the app suggests a way to do it efficaciously with images. Fitness & Bodybuilding additionally has a written rationalization of the way to get the fine effects from every exercise. One of the maximum thrilling elements of Fitness & Bodybuilding is that you could tune the physical games you do every day. Thanks to this feature, you could tune your development for every exercising which includes weight, reps, and performance


  • Exercises include illustrations of the educated muscle.
  • Ability to keep the records of accomplished physical games.
  • Exercises with a video guide for each exercise.
  • Built-in calendar that routinely marks your exercising days.
  • Ability to create custom-designed exercising plans and upload photographs.
  • Ability to pick out size units (kilograms or pounds).
  • A listing of the only workout routines for each muscle group.
  • Text preparation with snapshots for every exercise;


Wonderful utility for information workout routines category-wise. It constantly allows information on the proper positions, moves for every exercise with photographs and videos. So on every occasion, I begin the exercising of the day, I make a plan with a mixture of 5-6 physical games of a specific category, for example, chest or back.

Fitness & Bodybuilding Fitness & Bodybuilding Fitness & Bodybuilding

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