Heart Rate Monitor Download For PC (Windows/ iOS/ Mobile)

Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitor Download For PC (Windows/ iOS/ Mobile

Heart Rate Monitor Download For PC (Windows), iOS & Mobile.

This pressure takes a look at video display units’ simplest HR even as you are sitting then beeps with a purpose to stand for approximately 15 secs. It then indicates the HR on a graph, & every other bar indicates in which you fall as some distance as at relaxation, much less fit, all of the manners to fit.

Measure, report, and music your coronary heart charge without difficulty:

  1. You can degree coronary heart charge (HR).
  2. You can flip off a warm flashlight. (top-proper flashlight icon).


  • It’s all free:
  • Unlimited measurements.
  • Free extra functions. (e.g., CSV export, heartrate sector).

Support heartrate sector calculation:

  • Target coronary heart charge is essential for excellent exercise and exercising results.
  • Support five coronary heart charge zones (i.e., extreme/peak, cardio, fats burn, heat up, resting).
  • Useful for c programming language training, CrossFit, cycling, jogging, and weight control.

How to apply our coronary heart charge tracking app:

Our app makes use of your phone’s digital digicam to test bpm. Just lightly cowl your fingertip at the again digital digicam lens and live still, then your coronary heartbeat could be counted after some seconds. When you switch off the flashlight, please degree in daylight or brilliant region.

Heart charge display could be very essential for fitness and fitness. You can without difficulty degree, report and music your coronary heart charge through the usage of our app. Note that our app will display HR in phrases of beats in keeping with minute (BPM).

We could admire your treasured feedback. Please file insects or request functions to bluefish12390@gmail.com.

Heart Rate Monitor App Review: 

Great app! Works simple, and additionally has records function. Only drawback: above a hundred thirty BPM it does now no longer pattern fast sufficient and offers bizarre values (Moto G5 plus). For the relaxation, it’s miles great!

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