Noom Health Download For PC (Windows/ iOS/ Mobile)

Noom Health

Noom Health Download For PC (Windows/ iOS/ Mobile

Noom Health Download For PC (Windows), iOS & Mobile. HOW NOOM WORKS Psychology: Our curriculum makes use of evidence-primarily based totally methods and scientifically-validated standards which includes cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to assist human beings to construct sustainable behavior that final a lifetime.

Technology: We’re continuously innovating and fine-tuning our platform to make sure our users—we adore to name them Boomers—have to get admission to the best healthcare gear withinside the market. Human Coaching: Boomers can prefer to be matched with certainly considered one among our heaps of educated coaches, who assist manual them alongside their fitness trips and offer the guide had to reap their goals.

Noom Health Features:


Lose weight and maintain it off for good. We’ll assist you higher recognizing your courting with meals, the way to be extra conscious of your behavior, and come up with the information and guide you want for a long-lasting alternate.


  • 1:1 education that will help you reap your private fitness goals.
  • 10-minute day-by-day instructions that assist you to increase more healthy behavior.
  • A various meals database with over 1 million scannable barcodes.
  • Health-monitoring gear like weight logging, water monitoring, and step counting.
  • Hundreds of healthy, easy recipes that don’t require you to limit your diet.


Manage day-by-day strain and irritating thoughts. We’ll manual you, step via way of means of step, to intellectual wellness—and assist you benefit the emotional awareness to stay your happiest life.


  • 1:1 education to inspire you and assist you to figure thru challenges.
  • 10-minute day-by-day instructions that assist you to increase coping mechanisms and construct resilience.
  • A form of mindfulness-primarily based totally strategies and skills, which you may place into exercise proper away.
  • Mood logging to higher recognizes your moods and degree progress.

Noom Health App Review:

I am nonetheless simplest withinside the 7-day trial however thus far I love it! Never notion I might make it this some distance with logging food however they make it excellent easy. Definitely makes me privy to wherein my regions of alternate want to be. Love the articles every day; very informative! My simplest criticism thus far is ‘how an awful lot is that this going to fee me?’

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