Pedometer Download For PC (Windows/ iOS/ Mobile)


Pedometer Download For PC (Windows/ iOS/ Mobile

Pedometer Download For PC (Windows), iOS & Mobile. This pedometer makes use of the integrated sensor to depend on your steps. No GPS tracking, so it could substantially store the battery. It additionally tracks your burned energy, taking walks distance and time, etc

All these records might be truly displayed in graphs. You can set everyday step goals. Consecutively reaping your purpose for two days or greater will begin a streak. You can effortlessly test your streak data chart to live motivated.


  • To make sure the accuracy of step counting, please enter your accurate records in settings, as it might be used to calculate the distance and energy of your taking walks.
  • You are welcome to alter sensitivity to make the pedometer depend on steps greater accurately.
  • Because of the tool electricity-saving processing, a few gadgets prevent counting steps while the display screen is locked.
  • Step counting isn’t to be had for gadgets with older variations while their display screen is locked. It’s now no longer a bug.
  • We are sorry to mention that we aren’t capable of clearing up this problem.

Pedometer Features:

Training Mode:

You can begin a separate taking walks education each time you need, inclusive of a 30-minute taking walks exercising after dinner. In the education mode, we offer a characteristic to one at a time document your energetic time, distance, and burned energy of your taking walks education.

Fashion Design: This step tracker is designed through our Google Play Best of 2017 prevailing team. The smooth layout makes it clean to use..

Start, Pause and Reset:

You can pause and begin step counting at any time to store electricity. The app will prevent background-fresh data after you pause it. And you could reset today’s step depend and depend step from zero in case you need to.

Easy-to-use Pedometer:

Just faucet the begin button, and it begins offevolved counting your steps. Whether your telecellsmartphone is for your hand, bag, pocket or armband, it could auto-document your steps even your display screen is locked.

Pedometer App Review:

First impression – This app is without a doubt notable with a completely expert look (i.e. “User Interface”). Like “how to expose hobby a whole month?” The app suggests the complete month with little circles around every day. How exceptional is that! Yes, there are ads. Being a programmer myself, this degree of class in functions and U. I. is really well worth having the ads. Don’t need ads? A one-time charge of much less than $3.00… approximately the charge of espresso at Starbucks, so do not get loopy and complain!

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