Samsung Health Apk Download For PC (Windows 10/8/7)

Samsung Health

Samsung Health Apk Download For PC (Windows 10/8/7)

Download For PC (Windows 10/8/7) & Android – Trending Health & Wellness Apps.


If you need to get in form or have a healthful lifestyle, Samsung Health is an excellent device due to the fact you may test your interest so you’ll constantly realize the way to enhance or what desires you need to attain to fulfill your objective.

The predominant function of Samsung Health is to preserve the music of the number of steps you are taking every day, the gap and the quantity of energy you burn in addition to the course you’ve followed, using your motormotorcycle or with some other kind of exercise.

This will assist you to recognize the interest you’ve finished in the course of your day as properly its caloric equivalent. On the alternative hand, one of the excellent capabilities of the app is that it helps you to input your food and preserve a document of all of the vitamins of your lunch or dinner, for example. The aggregate of each gear allows you to test in case you’re to your manner to dropping or gaining weight. This will inspire you to preserve strolling on the way to keep a regular exercising rhythm.



  • Used to accumulate your vicinity records the usage of the trackers(exercises & steps).
  • Used to show a direction map for exercising, and to show the climate in the course of exercising.
  • Body Sensors: Used to degree coronary heart price, oxygen saturation, and stress.

(HR&Stress: Galaxy S5~Galaxy S10 / SpO2: Galaxy Note4~Galaxy S10

  • Storage: You can import/export your exercising records, shop exercising pix, shop/load meals pix.
  • Contacts: Used to test in case you are logged into your Samsung account, and to create a chum listing for Together.


Looks good, it become very different, modified absolutely however OK. Now it’s miles Samsung Health 6.18.7.half on a Samsung phone. I simply desired to go into the readings manually as I am doing with blood stress. As a remember of fact, that outside tool measures sys/dia and pulse bpm, however, isn’t related in any manner to the phone.

Samsung Health Samsung Health

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